La Teoría de la Educación en la actividad académica españolaAnálisis de un indicador

  1. Margarita González Sánchez
  2. Joaquín García Carrasco
  3. Ángel García del Dujo
  4. Ángela Barrón Ruiz
Teoría de la educación

ISSN: 1130-3743

Year of publication: 1992

Issue: 4

Pages: 41-52

Type: Article

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  • Dialnet Métricas Cited by: 3 (10-12-2023)


  • Social Sciences: B


Analysis of the denomination of the courses and programs offered at a large number of Spanish universities enabled the authors to identify the different types of internal configuration that the field of Theory of Education acquires at the different institutions, together with the multiple thematic focal points of interest for research and teaching at each university. Some of the problems inherent to the programming of course content are also dealt with.