Tecnología Educativa, Nuevas Tecnologías y desarrollo e innovación del currículum

  1. Bienvenido Mena Merchán
Aula: Revista de Pedagogía de la Universidad de Salamanca

ISSN: 0214-3402

Year of publication: 1997

Issue: 9

Pages: 99-122

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: C


At this moment, we find ourselves facing the collision between the education system and the environment that surrounds it, between old and new media, both coexisting to some extent. We are living a process of technological change imposed from without, with a variety of applications but little technological vision or at best a vision limited to training processes. The new technology has exposed the gap between the role of the educator and a society in the midst of transformation and at the same time has highlighted the urgency of the new role that it is forcing him to adopt, beyond that of transmitter of knowledge which he has been playing. In some ways the teacher is afraid of being replaced by a series of programmes and media which render his presence unnecessary. TV, radio, video, Internet are all teaching resources which will allow him to innovate, but media alone are not enough to guarantee renewal, on their own they will never be able to bring about change, unless they can count on the support of teachers themselves. It is therefore necessary that we in education are aware of these phenomena, that we should regard them as crucial in our society if we truly want professionals, well prepared for the sort of technology that surrounds them.