Terahertz detection using Si-SiGe MODFETs

  1. Y.M. Meziani
  2. J.E. Velázquez-Pérez
  3. D. Coquillat
  4. N. Dyakonova
  5. W. Knap
  6. I. Grigelionis
  7. E. García-García
  8. K. Fobelets
Proceedings of the 2013 Spanish Conference on Electron Devices
  1. Héctor García
  2. Helena Castán

Publisher: Universidad de Valladolid

ISBN: 9781467346665

Year of publication: 2013

Type: Book chapter


We report on resonant and non-resonant (broad-band) detection of terahertz (THz) radiation using Strained-Si MODFETs. The devices were excited at room temperature by two types of THz sources at 0.292 THz and at 1.5 THz. Non-resonant response with maxima around the threshold voltage was observed. Shubnikov-de Haas along with photoresponse measurements were performed simultaneously to demonstrate that the observed response is related to the plasma waves oscillation in the channel. The device was cooled down to 4.2 K and resonant signature could be observed.