El municipio al servicio del maestro y del docente

  1. José Javier Rodríguez Santos
II Congreso Internacional Ciudades Creativas: actas
  1. Francisco García García (coord.)
  2. Rogério Garcia Fernandez (coord.)

Publisher: Icono 14 Asociación Científica

ISBN: 9788493907761

Year of publication: 2011

Volume Title: TOMO III

Tome: 3

Volume: 3

Pages: 1490-1501

Congress: Congreso Internacional Ciudades Creativas (2. 2011. Madrid)

Type: Conference paper


Education is something implicit to the city. Strollingthrough the streets of a city, educates. Accompany thechildren to the park or school, educating children,parents and residents who are watching the situation.Many have been the guidelines given to the management of municipal educational services. In the last seventy years have arisen multiple visions of the conceptof municipality and education. Thus, in the 1950s,Dewey proposes to use the city as a teaching resource,to avoid duplicating the school what already exists inthe own social context. Later on there is the paradigmof the educational City according to the contributionof Faure, the city has to offer many and varied educational activities. Will be subsequently Alfiere, fromTurin, who present a global vision of the city, the “educating city”, any action that is performed from the municipality has an educational nature. Later, Tonucciposes to design the city adapted to children, so all citizens, grandparents, disabled, sick people… are welcome; a city for all.The city of Salamanca, through the Salamanca City ofKnowledge Foundation, intends to integrate the cityat the school through the prominence of the master.To do this, the council managers offer the resourcesavailable in the city to teachers to make them, throughtheir programming of classroom and curricular, whowill become the real managers of education of the city