A possible role for Wolbachia in the diagnosis of Dirofilaria infections

  1. Fernando Simón
  2. Laura H. Kramer
  3. Rodrigo Morchón
  4. Claudio Genchi
Mappe parassitologiche : Dirofilaria immitis and D. repens in dog and cat and human infections

Year of publication: 2007

Volume: 8

Type: Article


Dirofilaria immitis is the aetiologicalagent of cardiopulmonary dirofilariosisin dogs and cats, and pulmonary dirofilariosis in man, while Dirofilaria(Nochtiella) repens causes subcutaneous dirofilariosis in animal reservoirsand subcutaneous/ocular dirofilariosisin man. Like other filarial species, D.immitis and D. repens, harbour intracellular bacteria of the genusWolbachia (Rickettsiales), whose participation in the development of theinflammatory pathology of dirofilariosis has been extensively investigated.Nevertheless, the role of Wolbachia asa possible diagnostic tool has beenpoorly studied until now.Here we present our experience related to Wolbachia in Dirofilaria spp.canine, feline and human infections, aswell as in a murine model of immunization, and its possible importancefor the diagnosis of Dirofilaria infection in humans