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Doctor by the Universitat de València with the thesis Aplicacions de mètodes no pertorbatius a la dinàmica del sabor 2008. Supervised by Dr. Antonio Pich.

After completing my PhD at the University of Valencia (2008), I have carried out my entire scientific career at the most prestigious research institutions: the Max Plank Institute (MPI) in Munich, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, the Instituto de Física Corpuscular IFIC (CSIC-University of Valencia), the University of Vienna and the Instituto de Física Teórica IFT (CSIC-UAM) in Madrid. I have been awarded with a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship (IOF), a Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) fellowship, and I currently hold a permanent position at the University of Salamanca. Also as undergraduate I obtained top grades (3.6/4) and was awarded with the 1st National Prize in Physics. Recently I have been awarded with the “2014 Physics Prize to the Best Novel Theoretical Physicist”, granted by the Spanish Royal Physics Society and the BBVA Foundation, for my contributions to the precise determination of fundamental parameters of QCD. In 2015 I was awarded with a Spanish Ramón y Cajal Fellowship. My main research line is Particle Physics Phenomenology, with special emphasis in collider physics and heavy quarks. I am considered one of the world experts in Soft-Collinear Effective Theory (SCET for short), event shapes, and precision determinations of αs and heavy quark masses. My experience in Effective Field Theories ranges from low to high energies, and I have also expertise in the field of relativistic QCD sum rules. I have participated in some of the most precise and reliable determinations of the fundamental parameters of the Standard Model (αs, mc, mb, mt, Vus). These determinations have been included in the PDG review. I have worked with the most renowned physicists in the world such as A. Pich, M. Jamin, A. Manohar, I. Stewart, A. Hoang, etc... and keep an extended and active network of top-class collaborators, such as J. Thaler, F. Tackmann, G. Rodrigo, M. D. Schwartz, etc. I act as a referee for the most prestigious journals in high-energy physics, such as JHEP, EJPG, IJMPA, PLB, PRD or NPA. I am a project reviewer for the Croatian Foundation for Physics, the ANEP, and COMFUTURO. I have been invited to give seminars in the best universities of Europe and the USA in more than 20 occasions, and I am regularly invited to give talks at international conferences to present the results of my work. I have authored 49 articles, 27 publications plus 22 conference proceedings. These have been cited more than 1676 times, with an average of 61.7 citations per published paper. I have lectured three times at international schools. I have participated in 4 European networks: LHCPhenoNet, Flavianet, ParticleFace and Strong-2020. In the field of QCD it is hard to make an important impact, and I can claim that undoubtedly I have succeeded in doing so. I have shown a high degree of independence, having posted during my PhD 5 single-author papers, plus other 4 papers involving only scientists of my age. Among the 8 papers published during my thesis, 7 of them did not involve my PhD advisor. As a postdoc I have always been in charge of the students within the collaboration. I have always taken one of the leading roles in the projects I have participated in. I have taught at the universities of Vienna, Madrid, Salamanca and Valencia. I have supervised 7 bachelor theses, 3 master theses and a thesis. I am currently supervising 2 PhD students and 2 master theses.