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  1. Asymptotcity of QCD and massive, oriented event-shapes

    González Gracia, Néstor

    Supervised by Vicent Mateu Barreda


  1. Fabrication and characterization of quantum materials: graphene heterostructures and topological insulators

    Clericò, Vito

    Supervised by Enrique Díez Fernández
  2. Transmisión y conductancia en dispositivos electrónicos basados en grafeno

    Hernández Fuentevilla, Cristina Natalia

    Supervised by Enrique Díez Fernández y JUAN DOMINGO LEJARRETA GONZÁLEZ


  1. Dark matter in dense astrophysical objects

    Cermeño Gavilán, Marina

    Supervised by María Ángeles Pérez García
  2. Four-dimensional representation of scattering amplitudes and physical observables through the application of the loop-tree duality theorem

    Driencourt-Mangin, Félix

    Supervised by German Fabricio Roberto Sborlini
  3. Planar Radiation Zeros and Scattering Equations in Field Theory Amplitudes

    Medrano Jiménez, Diego

    Supervised by Miguel Angel Vázquez Mozo


  1. The null penrose inequality and the shell version in minkowski

    Soria Marina, Alberto

    Supervised by Marc Mars Lloret


  1. Estudio del comportamiento del ozono superficial en la base antártica de Belgrano

    Navarro Comas, Mónica

    Supervised by Fernando Mateo de Pablo Dávila
  2. Gravitational Shock Waves and Holography

    Dueñas Vidal, Álvaro

    Supervised by Miguel Angel Vázquez Mozo
  3. Lie systems, lie symmetries and reciprocal transformations

    Sardón Muñoz, Cristina

    Supervised by María Pilar García Estévez y Miguel Angel Vázquez Mozo


  1. Algunos Potenciales Singulares. Integrabilidad, Supersimetr a y Fluctuaciones Cu anticas

    Moreno Mosquera, Asdrúbal

    Supervised by Marina de la Torre Mayado y JUAN MARÍA MATEOS GUILARTE
  2. Análisis de la calidad del aire en el interior de edificios

    Seco Calvo, Oscar

    Supervised by Fernando Mateo de Pablo Dávila y MOISÉS EGIDO MANZANO
  3. Constraining alternative theories of gravity with astrophysical and cosmological datasets

    Martino, Ivan De

    Supervised by Fernando Atrio Barandela