El tiempo escolarDe la cultura del individualismo a la cultura de la colaboración

  1. Navarro Perales, María José
Bordón: Revista de pedagogía

ISSN: 0210-5934

Any de publicació: 2001

Volum: 53

Número: 2

Pàgines: 251-268

Tipus: Article

Altres publicacions en: Bordón: Revista de pedagogía



  • Ciències Socials: B


The issue of school time is still current and discussed on the matter of how school is organize daily schedules. The purpose of this article is to consider this fact but also to take a different approach about the decision making involving curriculum time. The advantages and costs that these changes would represent on society are analyzed as well as its effect on education. The article shows how the objective and burocratic approach of the organization of time needed to change to make comprehensive teaching a reality. To conclude the decision making about school time is seen as an important condition influencing other curricular components and its consequences and secondary effects are discussed.