Jugar, explorar, sufrir.Construcción del horror en la estética de los videojuegos

  1. Alejandro Lozano
Fedro: revista de estética y teoría de las artes

ISSN: 1697-8072

Year of publication: 2015

Issue: 15

Pages: 69-85

Type: Article


In this paper we approach video game aesthetics focusing in its design. In contrast with other visual media such as cinema or TV shows, video games have a playable dimension which adds features related to rules, objectives and courses of action that the player must consider in order to engage the game. The design of game mechanics implies a process of deliberation and decision making about how will the game be. From the point of view of horror aesthetics, developers can follow certain strategies to adjust the player’s feeling of panic. We have chosen three horror games with the purpose of showing some of the expressive possibilities of this medium within this topic.